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As we age, our energy diminishes. It’s a normal part of growing older, but there are ways to keep your age from holding you back. If you’re struggling with keeping your energy up throughout the day, there are a couple different solutions you might want to think about entertaining.

The first of the series is from the mind of a longtime friend, and creative visionary Louis Karim. His extensive background in commercial media helped to make him a true visionary in media-related content from a Middle Eastern lens.  We took some time together to discuss his “Where I Belong Now”

Last month I put an open invite out letting folks know that I would be hosting “guest” posts that spanned a wide range of topics.

How to Reduce Your Own Anxious Feelings

Posted January 4, 2018 By GuestSpot

Anxious feelings… We all have them but for those who experience an overwhelming feeling of being anxious or anxiousness around crowds, the feeling can be crippling. Wracked with self-doubt and gripped with the overwhelming fear of being viewed in a negative light, many who are more introverted and nervous around groups end up staying aloof from […]

Getting that initial reading-list for 2018 started

Posted January 3, 2018 By Frank Strona

Reading-list 2018 Got my initial reading-list for the new year made last night. I usually keep two versions, one for more social and personal stuff such as the list I posted today on my personal blog BiteTheRoad.com today. Then I try to come up with a least 5 new books for professional goals that I […]

5 Steps to Get Back on Your Feet After a Layoff

Posted December 27, 2017 By GuestSpot

Getting laid off is no joke. Suddenly losing your source of income can create a lot of problems, especially if you have payments to make and debt to deal with. You may feel overwhelmed or hopeless about your situation. This doesn’t have to last. You can get back on your feet, and it can happen […]

Pushing the Envelope: Challenging Your Comfort Zone for Greater Personal Success

Remaining in your comfort zone just because it feels good brings progress to a halt. It also limits your exsposure to stimulus

How to Take Back Control of Your Life After an Injury

Posted December 5, 2017 By Frank Strona

Tips for an “after injury” strategy The accident has happened and left you with an injury that has significantly altered your life. Sometimes you may feel immensely relieved and grateful to be alive, while sometimes you may feel that you are unable to cope and wish that you had died in the accident. Both of […]

6 Ways to Make Yourself More Marketable

Posted November 30, 2017 By Frank Strona

Making yourself marketable has never been more critical than in today’s saturated and cutthroat market. Here is 6 Ways to make it happen

Fresh Start: Steps to Build a Better Life from the Ground Up

Posted November 24, 2017 By Frank Strona

Here are few tips for getting a fresh start in life. Much more exist and the best part if finding out new ones. But taking those first few steps are usually the hardest.