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Welcome to MentorSF and a new way of thinking.

The style of consulting and coaching I do, introduces the concept that learning is a life-long process. In much the same way, that as humans we learn in different ways, understanding the importance in how the learning process works and finding one that is sustainable is a key element of the work I do. For most of us that means accepting that we operate from more than one perspective. Therefore we need to learn from an individual perspective, a professional one and a social one.

I like to think that true personal and professional success is about “living life from both sides of your brain“. 

Working with me is based on a consultation approach that will help you stretch, exercise and condition the “learning brain”. With the objective being your growth, expansion and development of a useful and rich experience. I tend to see change as an engaged and active experience. So will encourage you to own this experience as an active partner.

Who is MentorSF for?

It is for anyone with the desire to learn, grow, explore, and ultimately thrive.

For those of you with a need from a more personal or social desire – then I invite you to explore the various options for learning. 

If you are visiting here, with a desire to grow professionally or have a need for training, facilitation or other consultations. i I offer corporate, academic or professional services including; team leadership, content development, distance learning & pedagogy, digital & social media landscaping, group facilitation, change leadership, diversity & cultural humility workshops, social and digital media policy development and other workplace arenas.

Ultimately, the flexibility of my work, it that it that together we shape the process and the goals. If you don’t see something listed, ask! My background is diverse and many of my professional partners, come to me because they need a consultant who, like them, doesn’t fit a “one stop, shop mold“.

Keeping in touch

Feel free to check out my membership-free Engage! blog to read up on what interesting tips, tools and tidbits I find worth sharing.


What’s New ?MentorSF Moment

  • Mentor Moments – Every few weeks, I also create and share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts a MentorSF “Mentor Moments”. These “moments” are a reflection or sentiment that are meant to inspire, provoke and engage people to action. You can find them under the Trending Now link, or search the hashtag #MentorSFCA.
  • Every day I share my custom “newspapers”; The Social Media Daily and The Engaged Mentor Daily with some of the trending industry news. Take a look and sign up or follow them by the RSS feeds listed above.
  • I launched a new series of sessions that answer the internal desire and question of “How do I tell my story?” The Storytelling Technology Bootcamp is a series of 60 -90 sessions for those interested in jumping into the world of blogging and storytelling.
  • I also have some openings for the Explorers program,  a limited run, goal oriented support track designed for those in mid-transition professionally or personally and are looking for someone to facilitate a path to a specific goal over a shorter persons of time.
  • During the summer of 2017, I had a chance to be a guest on the Hack The Process podcast. Not only was it great fun, it is anouther way for you to here some of my own stories. You can read the full post on it here or visit the podcast itself on Hack The Process
  • I also finally put my official mailing list up for those of you wanting in, and my Engage! blog is now linked at both the Facebook.com/MentorSFCA and on Medium.com/@FVStrona


  • Next up for 2017
    • I working on a video Q&A series called MentorSF’s Question Of The Week under my  MentorSF’s Trending Now feature or direct on the Questions Of The Week page .  You can also find my new “Introduction” video which aired in April, 2017.
    • Want me to answer one for you? Send me an email or Tweet (@FVStrona) at me using the hashtag #MentorSFCA



Thank You for visiting.  Please email me at Frank@MentorSF.com  for details or to schedule an appointment.

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“Frank Strona is a trail blazer: combining innovation & real-time experience to support new ideas that inspire,engage and motivate learnings of all ages to reach  new level of personally defined success, social balance and digital maturity.”

— Jennifer T, Corporate Manager