Mentor Moments

Ready to have your Mentor Moments?

Every few weeks, I create and share via my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts a MentorSF Mentor Moment. These “moments” are a reflection or sentiment that is meant to inspire, provoke and engage people in action. Many of the images I use come from my everyday life. Taken with both a consumer digital camera, as well as my trusty iPhone. Then I use a variety of apps to edit, boost and create.

Where are my Moments?

You can find the Mentor Moments using the hashtags # MentorSFCA and #MentorSFMoments on any of the social media platforms listed above or download the jpg for your use (just link me back!) on your own social media platforms.

Can I use them?

Yes – you can download any of the images for your personal use (just link me back please!) on your own social media platforms if you please credit them back to me here at  If you would like to use them for business promotion or have one customized for you, please contact me directly at [email protected]


The 2018 – 2020 Collection


The 2017 Collection