Fees & Payments

Nuts & Bolts

  • Get To Know Me Sessions run 30 min
  • Regular sessions will run 60 – 75 minutes.
  • Bootcamps run 60-90 minutes per session
  • Workshops, Trainings or other large group activities may run 2 hours – 6 hours or multi-day based on need.


Fees & Charges

  • Get To Know Me and/or Meet & Greet Sessions is $0
  • Individual Sessions are payable at time of session. A 10% pre-pay discount is available.
    • Individual first initial session is $150.00
    • Maintenance/Followup sessions are $110.00
    • Recovery Session is $90*
  • Fees for small group workshops and trainings run between $300 – $1000 per session, plus travel related expenses and supplies.
  • For information on the Fees for the Explorers Program please visit  here and contact me for details.
  • For information on the Storytelling Technology Bootcamp, please visit here and contact me for details. Individual sessions cost $100, a set of three is $275 and the set of 7 session is $595


Both Individual and Organizational “Get To Know Me” sessions are FREE!

  • I call this a “meet & greet” session – it can be done by phone, Skype, FaceTime  or in person. I use this session to get an initial impression of your needs and then provide you with the context to the work we may do together, my background and for us to get an initial feel toward a fit-for-succes. I encourage you to come ready to discuss your needs.




Payment can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, Check or Cash.

Individual Sessions:

Payable at time of service. 

Cancellations made less that 24 hours notice subject to a $75 cancellation fee.

I try to make every opportunity to be sensitive to economic and fiscal hardships. If you are facing a challenge to affording a session – email me at [email protected] for more information on my sliding scale offers.


Organizational and Agency contracts require:

An initial 25% hold-the-date charge (returnable up to 45 days in advance and applied as credit towards deposit)

A 50% deposit due 30 days in advance of the event (25% hold fee credit will be reflected in the invoice)

Balance due prior to or day of of training. Blanket orders and retainment contracts are available.

Cancellations made less that 24 hours notice will forfeit full fee.

Questions? Feel free to call 415-305-9613 or email me at [email protected] to find out more.





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