This just in – a new holiday season promotion:

One of my bigger projects has taken its annual holiday break for the next few months. That leaves me some open time to support Basic single session experiences, & Explorer and limited session activities on those interested in getting up to speed on social media platforms, setting up a new system or simply serving as a touchstone for novices looking to dive in.

During this period all consumer, small business, and non-profits organizations who take advantage of it will be offered reduced fees between 25% – 30% as my larger client has agreed to cover the difference through January. For more information – Contact me at or call me at 415.504.2286 to schedule a free Get to know me” call.



What do I offer?

That depends on you or your organization’s particular needs. Unlike other similar support consultants, I specifically avoid boilerplate solutions. The key to making growth and change within one’s self or among a working team is the right fit and learning to understand that it isn’t a sequential process as some would have you think. Rather, it is a constantly changing, engaged, layered and conscious series of actions that includes equal parts Sustainability, Self-Awareness & Opportunity (SSO).

YOU Table

So what does that mean in “real life”?

I have a series of methods, activities, and tools that cover the scope of opportunities at both the individual and/or the group learning level. They include the following themes, as a starting place (others are available based on site/personal need):

  • Private Individual, Couples, Team,  Group and Organizational Sessions,
  • Leadership and Strategic Consulting, Mentorship and Learning
  • Corporate, Workplace and Non-profit Agency Workshops, Trainings & Consulting
  • Social Media Mapping, Landscape and Policy Development
  • Custom designed curriculum and e-learning content design
  • Health Access & Patient Care Navigation Advocacy 
  • Diversity and Workplace Culture Adaption and Inclusion

All sessions are designed to meet your needs. Together we mutually develop goal-based objectives, which are then matched to the content that best fits your budget and time. 

The next step is on you…

 Sessions for the Individual Level Learning

 Sessions for the Group or Organizational Level Learning

For information on fees, rates and payment 







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