Sample Social Media Posts and Tips

Social Media Tools and Tips

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#TEDxPtown is our hashtag — for most things, you can also use #TEDxProvincetown

Note: Facebook content does recognize both hashtags like #TEDxPtown or #TEDxProvincetown as well as using the @TEDxProvincetown as a search word when posting

For more on how to use hashtags, visit:

Twitter: [@TEDxPtown Profile, hashtag: #TEDxProvincetown]:

Instagram: [TEDxProvincetown- profile, hashtag #TEDxPtown]:


For TEDx gear: Online shop:

TEDx Provincetown 2018 Cohort link

Once the Talks post:

The finished videos or (more likely) links to videos will live on here with a new 2019 group:

Also, they go here:

TEDx Talks since 2018 are also searchable on

For the 2019 cohort– one of our 2018 speakers and 2019 coach, Frank Strona volunteered to help with getting speakers up and active on social media. You can reach out to Frank Strona at [email protected] or visit his website


Sample Tweets/Posts

These are variations drafted as a starting place. You should look at them for inspiration and revise/update as needed. Images – Include a picture of the TEDx Stage or logo or you are preparing for it. Images can be found here:

Event Announcements– use tweets and posts like this to get the word out that you will be part of the event. (Note: words in “capital letters” mean you should replace it with the appropriate content). These are also good posts to attach the speaker image “cards” recently shared with you.

Join me on September 14th, 2019 for @TEDxProvincetown second annual #TEDxPtown hosted in #Provincetown for 20|20 Insight #TEDx Talk. Listen and see how our 2019 speakers with ties to #Provincetown diversity, history and richness take to the stage at #FishermansHall

Join @1, @2, [these are placeholders for the profiles of speakers if/once known]on September 14thfor the 2019 @TEDxProvincetown as we kick off our second annual #Provincetown 20|20 Insight TEDx Talk. Tickets available online Take part in this local-inspired night of passion, heart, history music and knowledge as our 2019 cohort of new speakers with ties to #Provincetown diversity, history and richness bring #storytelling to the stage at #FishermansHall

First Person post– great to use as an announcement once you are signed to speak, know your theme and periodically as you find those “aha” moments while drafting your talk.  These are suitable to be reused during the year and on most social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc). Note – include the speaker jpg provided to you with any of these posts

I’m excited to announce I will be part of an incredible group of speakers at the 2nd annual #TEDxProvincetown on September 14th,2019 in #Provincetown, MA. Visit

I’m speaking at #TEDxProvincetown 2019 on September 14, 2019. Join Me! in historic #Provincetown for a night in #BigIdeas  #share #Storytelling [use additional hashtags that relate to your theme]

Sample Facebook and LinkedIn posts– these posts can be longer than the 240 characters that Twitter limits you.

I’m excited to be Talking (sharing, #Storytelling etc) at @TEDxProvincetown 2019 as part of the #Provincetown 20|20 Insight TEDx Talk on September 24, 2019 at the Fishermans Hall. Register here: #TEDxPtown, #TEDx #TEDxProvincetown

Join us at #TEDxProvincetown for an evening of talks curated to inspire, ignite and reflect. With the incredible support of our sponsors as #Provincetown plays host to the second annual #TEDx Talk. For more details on the event visit For tickets visit

What is a TEDx Talk? So you heard or read I am on the list of the 2019 TEDxProvincetown Speakers. But ever wonder what these “TEDx” talks are all about? #TEDX talks are locally independently organized talks licensed under the #TED talk structure that encourages and support the creation and distribution of “Ideas worth spreading”. On Sept. 14th, 2019 in #Provincetown @TEDXProvincetown will hold its second annual #TEDx talk at the Fisherman’s Hall. For more details about the event, tickets and a full speakers list visit

About the 2018 TEDxPtown. The 2018 @TEDxProvincetown talks were a sold-out hit, with 10 incredible speakers covering a span of topics from science, culture, art, music, health, diversity, equality, activism and nature. The finished talks are now live on where you can visit and share each of the 2018 speakers talk. Stay tuned for details on our 2019 event and process for accepting applications for a spot in the 2019 lineup. Follow us on Facebook visit our website

Where can someone see the 2018 TEDx Talks? Curious about @TEDxPtown #TEDxProvincetown and the 2018 talks? All the 2018 talks are posted here a list of the 2019 speakers can be found here

The 2019 Speakers Cohort. Excited about the 2019 @TEDxProvincetown #TEDxPtown Talks? We are too. Visit our speakers page read up on those who will be speaking on September 14th, 2019. In the meantime visit hear our 2018 TEDxProvincetown speakers.

REMINDER! If you’re on Facebook and haven’t already done so, please like our TEDxProvincetown Facebook page and share it.