5 Ways To Promote Your Talk

While you are moving along with memorization and fine-tuning, wrapping up your slides. It’s time to start to think about self-promotion. TEDxProvincetown is investing in some distribution ads for your talks, but your own efforts will also help in getting viewers.

You already received the “5 ways to promote your talk” infographic as a simple reminder and include lots of hints.  Below is a more detailed version of the “5 ways to promote your talk” content.

Use these links to return to the Speakers Support page and the three supplemental links; 5 Ways to Promote Your Talk,  Questions You Might Be Asked and TEDx Sample Social Media Posts and Tips.

  • Access your social media “stuff” 

      Start thinking on what will be the way you share out your efforts; 

o  Do you use Facebook?, Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram?

o  How about your Email or Membership lists? Affiliations that might push out your links and posts?

o  Don’t forget Alumni, professional associations and social groups.

o  Make sure your family and friends, help spread the word, too.


  1. Make sure you are “following” the TEDxProvincetown accounts on the platforms that you use;
    1. Twitter: https://www.Twitter.com/TEDxPtown@TEDxPtown
    2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TEDxPtown
    3. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TEDxPtown/
    4. It’s also a good idea to follow Ian on Twitter at @ianyvr
    5. It’s also a good idea to follow Frank on Twitter at @FVStronaand Facebook under Frank Strona or LinkedIn Linkedin.com/in/FVStrona



     Most platforms now recognize a series of words called “hashtags”. These are words with a “#” preceding it as a way to “tag” posts and allows folks with similar interests to see your posts. 


We use: #TEDxPtown and/or #TEDxProvincetown  

So whenever possible – try to use one of these hashtags


More on hashtags use at: 

How to use hashtags:   https://revive.social/how-to-use-hashtags/

Hashtags on Facebook; 5 #Quicktips: https://www.wholewhale.com/tips/hashtags-on-facebook/


  1. Between June – September

While you are working on your drafts and memorizations-Start sharing the word:

      1. Get The Word Out that you have been selected as one of the speakers for the TEDxProvincetown second annual talk series. 

o  You can use the image that was recently sent to you as a visual along with simple text including;

o  The date and time of the event itself Sept. 14, 2019, 6-9 PM

o  Tie in the location: Fishermen Hall in Provincetown, MA

o  The Website; http://tedxprovincetown.com/

o  The url for a ticket; http://tedxprovincetown.com/tickets


      1. Talk about it As you draft and rehearse; 

Are you excited? Nervous? Finding new insight on yourself with the process? This is the “stuff” that inspires people to “want to know more”. 


      1. Stay Engaged
        1. Use variations of your images to add impact to your posts
        2. Share the TEDxPtown branded image created for you with links https://tedxprovincetown.com/2019-presenters/
        3. Remind people tickets might still be available https://tedxprovincetown.com/tickets/


      1. Mix it up; Use short and longer content. Short content (less than 240 characters are perfect for Twitter and Instagram. Longer content 300 – 400 words are great for Blogs, Facebook and Linkedin.
        • During August, schedule/plan a few longer posts on Facebook
        • Consider drafting some for your blogs or newsletters; content that supports and adds the personal you to the soon to come show night 
        • Get creative with photos; they add impact
  1. Week of Show
      1. Lots will be going on. So keep it easy on yourself
        • Make notes to yourself for later
        • Take pictures of yourself and your cohort team in action 
        • Make a few preshow posts and plan for post-show posts over the next few days
        • If you haven’t already; friend and follow your cohort folks.


  1. After the Show
    1. During the time that the videos are being edited here are a few good ways to prepare for when your link is ready
        1. Draft a blog post that explains the “background” of your talk experience 300-450 words w/images. Use supplemental links to any outside sources to add impact as well as make it more likely to show up in search engines.

o  If you don’t have a blog – use your facebook page or ask Frank and/or Ian if they will post it as a “Guest” post. Frank as a blog on his webpage MentorSF.com called Engage and is happy to offer you space on it. 

o  You can use a shorter version with Twitter by using the “thread” feature. This is a new feature on Twitter that allows you to use expanded content in a “series” of posts.


    1. Draft a “circle of Influence” email. This technique used to be a way to share a new project or exciting personal or professional announcements with the people in your life.
      • Keep it personal, reflective and include a call to action; Watch and share the link. Plan to send this once you get the final link that your Talk is online


      • Do the same version with some modifications for “tone” for more formal announcements; Those might include alumni and professional affiliation updates, your work newsletters, or your professional blogs.


    1. Cross-post and promote
      • Hopefully, you are following or have collected the social media profiles of your cohort. Draft some of your “comments” to recommend and share the links to them as well. This is especially important as you can first-hand share insight on how that “talk” resonated with you.


  1. Everything you post should have a clear “call to action”. What that means is you want your words to motivate people to do “something

o  Watch My Talk (w/ the link

o  Watch a Cohort’s Talk (w/ the link)

o  Check out the TEDxProvincetown.org website w/ the link; https://tedxprovincetown.com

o  Ask people to share “your talk” with their networks and friends.

o  Use the hashtag #TEDxPtownor #TEDxProvincetownwhenever you post, tweet or comment.


  1. Need help with any of these things? Contact Frank!  

He has donated up to 120 minutes of his time for each speaker of the 2019 team for pre and post-show media promotion support. 

      • Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple and clear. 
      • We have tools and ways to help.
      • Schedule a time for a call with Frank at 415-621-4145
      • See some examples – 
        1. Frank has posted several examples on his website that you are welcome to use as a starting place for content. You are welcome to adapt from or use as inspiration. The post that includes examples you can use can be found here: