MentorSF Workshops


During 2017 MentorSF will be launching its first series of online, web-based learning opportunities. These workshops and classes will be web-based and allow you to learn on  your own time and participate with others interested in the same content. Stay tuned for more information!

My Current Workshop offerings includes:

New for 2017 –

  • Understanding Your Place In Today’s Digital Landscape
  • Storytelling; A basic primer to sharing your story using both old-school and new-school methods. (Note: this workshop will be piloted in person, then adapted to online format)
  • Get Yourself  To The  Table; returning to the workforce after any absence is more than just about showing up. It may also mean you have to rethink who you are in the moment, not who you were. This program will be offered as a workshop and also is offered as a 1:1 session.

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