Question Of The Week VLOG

The MentorSF ‘Question Of The Week’ Series

On a pretty routine basis I get questions from folks who come across me on my blog or twitter  or LinkedIn accounts. In some case the question may be about what I can do to assist them  towards moving to a new opportunity, what  is or, occasionally it’s simply wanting to hear my opinion on something. I used to use this video Q&A format with students to ensure that everyone always had equal access to the responses and thought I would do something similar here from  MentorSF’s Trending Now feature.

Each week I will choose a question to answer and share here. Now remember these are not high production value media, rather they model the basic use of mobile technology and applications that anyone can use to share content. As I get my style down, each response will be less than a minute – perfect for mobile viewing and those with an “on the go” lifestyle.

Want me to answer one for you? Send me an email or Tweet (@FVStrona) at me using the hashtag #MentorSFCA

April 17, 2017: Am I too old for social media?

April 10, 2017: What does MentorSF do?