Past Training & Workshops

Below is a brief listing of past presentations and workshops that presented I participated on. If you see something you would like a variation of for your program – please let me know.


  • Tech Inclusion Conference; Mentoring the LGBT Workforce
  • Seedlings and culture tables: Telling essential stories through new technologies for teaching and learning American Public Health Association, APHA 
  • Implementing Social Media Tools to increase patient retention, engagement and routine HIV Testing. Santa Clara County System Of Care Roundtable 
  • Infusing the spirit and practice of public health into the undergraduate curriculum: Explicit and stealth strategies for encouraging the public health imagination among 21st-century students, American Public Health Association, 
  • Teaching and learning cultural humility online: Technology transfer from a (beloved) campus MPH course to the distance format. 
  • Using real-time technology to enhance online health education instruction in an MPH distance learning program.
  • Developing an effective MPH health education distance learning program: Bumps, bruises, and lessons learned from two MPH distance cohorts.
  • 21st Century STD Prevention and Control: Empowering the Community with Internet-based Tools, San Francisco, 2007. 
  • Understanding the Sexual Culture & Experiences of Gay & Bisexual Men, Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) National Conference on Aging, 
  • What does a Healthy Penis, Talking Dogs and SexINFO Text Messaging all have
  • in Common: Innovative Social Marketing Strategies. 
  • Understanding Gay Men’s Sexual Expression and Mental Health, Gay Men’s Health Seminar. 
  • Separate or combined? Finding points of integration in HIV prevention and health services community planning, Oral Presentation, 
  • Gay Men, Sex, Internet and Chat Rooms: Is it the New Epicenter of an Epidemic?, Beach Gay Men’s Health Summit, Long Beach, 
  • Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project (PROP): New Treatment for MSM who use Methamphetamine
  • Reaching Out to At-Risk MSM with Creative Internet-based Programs, Center For Aids Prevention Studies Conference 
  • Enough Already! Personal Perspectives on HIV Prevention Fatigue- Keynote Plenary Presentation, 
  • Crystal and HIV Epidemics Community Forum, Stop Aids Project, 
  • MSM, Sex, and Internet Chat Rooms: Epicenter of an Epidemic?, HIV InSite Roundtable discussion, San Francisco, CA  


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