Wellness Picks

Wellness  – sometimes we have to work on the insides to make the outside shine

It is not a secret when we’re feeling our best – it is because there is balance or a full-bodied sense of wellness happening within us. For some of us, that means many things are in alignment; some we are actively working to make happen and others are results taking place naturally. Each of these areas has a role in our ability to shine

  • Work
  • Home
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Friends

The Wellness Picks page is a place where links of the tools, products, and tips that I mention during my posts on eating, cooking, travel, or in my Engage blog or from various discussions I have will live. It may also highlight some of the personal ways I am trying to stay healthy.

Stryx * is a men’s face care and makeup line. They offer a series of products both for general skin care as well as a coverup, makeup, and bronzer all designed with a man’s face in mind. I started using the link in July and like it so much I asked if they would offer MentorSF followers a discount promotion. Use MentorSF15 during your online order they will provide you with 15% off the order.

Rodan & Field * They offer a line of facial products, traditionally marketed for women, but with a growing male fan base. I use several of the products on a daily (sometimes twice daily) routine and have been overwhelmingly happy with the results. Or read the post on my picks from the R & F  line here

 Plexus WorldWide * offers a line of supplements that help with those gut critters in your system, that when out of wack have effects on some folks from stress to bloating, gas, and poor sleeping.  Or read the post on my picks from the Plexus line here






Note: Some of these links are places that may offer the sales of products by which I may earn a commission or have an affiliate membership if you choose to purchase are indicated with an *


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