Individual Learning

How it works  –

Schedule a complimentary “Get To Know Me” Session; 

It generally is best for us to have a brief 30 minute call to discuss your particular needs. You can call me at 415-621-4145 or simply email me direct at to discuss your needs and goals or schedule it electronically below.  The “Get To Know Me” is a brief opening conversation, a “meet & greet” of sorts.  Complimentary and at no cost to you.

After which,  if you feel we are a good fit, you can schedule all future appointments electronically via the link below.

  • Fees for individual sessions are $150 for 1:1 primary concerns,  and $110 per session for maintenance sessions, preppy paid multi session block-booking is available on request. For couples or small groups ask for rates . 
  • Sessions can be face to face, in person, internet based via Skype or Google hangout,  FaceTime or good old telephones.
  • Each session runs approximately 60 – 75 minutes,  based on your appointment and topic needs.
  • When applicable we also make use of secure online video chat which meet all HPPA  standards.
  • I use an electronic scheduler to allow for your convenience.






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