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My single session social media landscape overview and digital promotion activities are designed for the novice and new-comer looking to discuss and access the types of platforms available. From everyday person wanting to garnish a stronger voice on Twitter to senior business owners who have been slow to understand Snapchat. Together we tackle the more confusing elements and leave you feeling more secure and ready to practice.

During this time, we cover the pro’s and con’s of each platform, how it may relate to your need, time and ability as well as how to measure the result. We discuss goal setting, metrics, etiquette and integration with your current technology tools and knowledge.

Each of these single session experiences is custom designed with you in mind and configured for to be completed in 1 – 2 sessions. If you are seeking a more engaged or deeper dive you may want to consider my Storytelling Bootcamp or the MentorSF Explorer Program. 


How to get started  

Schedule a complimentary “Get To Know Me” Session; 

It generally is best for us to have a brief 30 minute call to discuss your particular needs. You can call me at 415-621-4145 or simply email me direct at [email protected] to discuss your needs and goals or schedule it electronically below.  The “Get To Know Me” is a brief opening conversation, a “meet & greet” of sorts.  Complimentary and at no cost to you.

After which,  if you feel we are a good fit, you can schedule all future appointments electronically via the link below.

  • Fees for individual sessions are $150 for 1:1 primary concerns,  and $110 per session for maintenance sessions, preppy paid multi session block-booking is available on request. For couples or small groups ask for rates . 
  • Sessions can be face to face, in person, internet based via Skype or Google hangout,  FaceTime or good old telephones.
  • Each session runs approximately 60 – 75 minutes,  based on your appointment and topic needs.
  • When applicable we also make use of secure online video chat which meet all HPPA  standards.
  • I use an electronic scheduler to allow for your convenience.








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