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My friend and fellow TEDxProvincetown 2018 speaker, Anne Stott is at it again showing her incredible talent with Jump Go, her latest project hitting the airwaves, video and the “interwebs” this month.

Last year I wrote about my discovery of Rodan & Field. They offer a line of facial products, traditionally marketed for women, but with a growing male fan base. I use several of the products on a daily (sometimes twice daily) routine and have been overwhelmingly happy with the results. Being someone who generally isn’t […]

A few months back I did a 7-day challenge as a way to introduce myself to the Plexus line, the end result is enough success that I was willing to look into adding some to my daily routine.

4 Characteristics of a Cohesive Team

Posted July 25, 2019 By GuestSpot

Many businesses get things done by assigning projects to task-oriented teams. When a group of people work together, they can complete tasks for the good of the company. However, when the team cannot cooperate, project progress comes to a halt. If you take care when preparing a team, you can make sure that they will […]

When we lookback we can see the future

Posted July 2, 2019 By Frank Strona

s we wrap up #Pride month some may find this ABC post “LOOKBACK: What gay life was like in San Francisco in 1976” interesting; uncomfortable and yes even nostalgic. It captured some aspects of the time dead on

Boiling Pot Moments

Posted June 28, 2019 By Frank Strona

Gleaned this from one of the elists I follow; CreativeMornings and thought initially ” I am so not gonna like this.. ” well as with more things I initial dismiss. It was well worth the view and sharing the space to post it!

Thanks to mobile technology, people can communicate faster than ever, and business can get far more done.

Who would have guessed I was a “prequel”

Posted June 22, 2019 By Frank Strona

As I have said in the past “sometimes you have to risk sharing who you were, to be who you are”; I decided to tell some of the backstories to my growing up gay as it related to my Summer 2018 TEDxProvincetown talk as my training tool.  So with 2019’s Pride Season about to kick off, I thought it was fitting to use it as my celebration to share. Hence my calling it “What You See, Isn’t Always What You Know” my prequel to TEDxPtown’s “What The Bear Could Teach Goldilocks”.

The NiceAF.org campaign is intending to address the harsh reality, that for some, insults can have profound, lasting effects on how someone can feel about themselves and disrupt a persons ability to thrive.

Facebook is still worth considering as a social media platform that may be able to help you stay connected. Here are some ways to use it for a range of uses.