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Things I would Tell My Younger Self 2024 Edition

Posted January 12, 2024 By Frank Strona

Things I would Tell My Younger Self 2024 Edition I took some of my own advice and get out from my office or the house; rain, or shine and walk to clear the mental cobwebs. It was on one of these walks I decided to make a list, of the lessons learned that I wish I could have told to my  younger self.

Common Mistakes You May Be Making When Working From Home

Posted December 27, 2023 By GuestSpot

The shift to working from home has become more common, especially in the wake of global events that have encouraged remote work. While it offers the convenience of avoiding the daily commute and the ability to work in a comfortable environment, it also comes with its own unique challenges and pitfalls. Understanding and addressing common […]

🎄🎅 ‘Tis the season to be jolly (and slightly overwhelmed)! 🙃 Let’s talk about keeping those stress levels in check during the holiday madness, shall we? 🎁✨ We all know that this time of year can turn even the most zen-like individuals into frazzled wrecks. Between gift shopping, family gatherings, and navigating through crowded malls […]

How to Turn Your Negotiation Skills into a Career

Posted November 24, 2023 By GuestSpot

Negotiation skills are a valuable asset that can open doors to a variety of rewarding careers. Whether you’re a natural negotiator or have honed your skills over time, there are several paths you can take to turn your knack for negotiation into a fulfilling career. Broker Business Sales If you have a talent for bringing […]

How to Create a Positive Social Impact as an Entrepreneur

Posted November 10, 2023 By GuestSpot

Being an entrepreneur offers you the freedom to shape your business according to your values and priorities. For many people, especially those in their 50s who might benefit from a coach and mentor, creating a positive social impact is an essential goal. Here’s how you can embed social responsibility into the fabric of your business […]

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor that requires careful consideration of various aspects, including legal matters. Inexperienced businesses can often find themselves facing legal challenges in several key areas. Here are three major areas where businesses need to tread carefully. Intellectual Property Protecting intellectual property (IP) is crucial for businesses, yet it’s an area […]

What Actually Goes into Running a Business

Posted July 28, 2023 By GuestSpot

Running a business is not just about producing a product or service. It involves a whole host of other tasks, from building relationships to managing employees and everything in between. Here are all the critical building blocks of running a business.

Many of us spend a significant portion of our day sitting at a desk, whether it’s for work or leisure. While this sedentary lifestyle has become the norm, it can lead to various health issues. Understanding and addressing these concerns is crucial for maintaining your well-being. Here are some common health issues that are more […]

How to Succeed in a Demanding Industry

Posted June 13, 2023 By GuestSpot

Certain industries are more demanding than others. Demanding can mean different things: mentally demanding, physically demanding, or even emotionally demanding. Sometimes it can be a combination of different things. What all demanding industries have in common, however, is that it takes more effort to succeed. So what do you need to do to succeed when […]

Tools You Can Use to Evaluate Job Candidates

Posted January 29, 2023 By GuestSpot

Have you ever felt like all of your job candidates presented the perfect resume and perfect interview and don’t know how to choose between them? Often, to find the best employees, you need to dive deeper into the interview process. Here are a few tools you can use to evaluate job candidates more thoroughly and […]