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The 3 Unexpected Ways a Life Coach Impacts Your Life

Ask the average person what they think the average life coach session is like, and you’ll probably receive an answer like this:
“Well, first you explain to the coach your problem or challenge, and then the coach listens attentively and provides feedback on how to best tackle the problem. Then you leave the session feeling empowered to take on any challenge life throws your way.”
While all of the above is true, it doesn’t tell the complete story. Coaching is about much more than solving real-world problems.

How A Middle-Aged Workforce Can Keep Up With Millennial Coworkers

As we age, our energy diminishes. It’s a normal part of growing older, but there are ways to keep your age from holding you back. If you’re struggling with keeping your energy up throughout the day, there are a couple different solutions you might want to think about entertaining.