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Pay attention to all of the data available to you. More “Where do I post it?” thinking

Pay attention to what data is out there when considering which platform to use Several weeks ago I did a  “Post-it where?” blog entry that looked at the thinking behind which social media platform and how to determine the best thinking and fit towards your goal. This week a new version looks at the concept of […]

Awareness-check; So much happening, so little we know

Awareness-check for Myself: Awareness-check, seems like an odd word doesn’t it? but it does capture the essence of engaged learning – being aware of what is happening. So while reading Linkedin.com, (a service, or website, network – or whatever they call themselves I continue to have a “love-hate” relationship with), I do, however, find useful cross-posts […]

App regret; understanding the tech we use and the concept of app use regret

App regret, do you have ever get it? You know the script; catchy advert plus flashy visual, toss in the use of the word “free” all  entice us to explore some new app to be a solution to some percieved need we have to gain time, fill space, have fun or market something. Then we […]

5 core beliefs in adopting the use of social media platforms in small business

My 5 core beliefs in how to use social media platforms; yes another opinion to consider. Over the last few years, I have developed 5 core beliefs in how the use of social media platforms might be considered. As Puranjay Singh wrote in a July 2017 post on Blogging Wizard;  “Social media is eating the world. […]

Have you blogged that?

“Have you blogged that?” “Have you seen our blog?” As a public health force we have taken huge leaps towards a new vision of 21stcentury public health that includes as part of its landscape, technology and new media tools. A world where words such as blogs, micro-blogs, twitter and tweets rule the internet,side by side with […]