Awareness-check; So much happening, so little we know

Awareness-check for Myself:

Awareness-check, seems like an odd word doesn’t it? but it does capture the essence of engaged learning – being aware of what is happening. So while reading, (a service, or website, network – or whatever they call themselves I continue to have a “love-hate” relationship with), I do, however, find useful cross-posts from those that I have selected to follow. This one was a good visual infographic on the context of the internet and time.

Awareness-check for you!

The authors at posted this list in graphic format initially on October 4, 2017, wanted you to get a general idea that a lot happens! Something most people”know” but never really have a reason to think about. We have come so far from the days of AOL and sending “groups packets of information” slowly over time…

Oh and if you need a quick “cheat sheet” of social media platforms, visit my Engage post from February 13, 2017

1 second in the internet

Awareness-check – the infographic

What Happens in 1 Second of The Internet

24,88,887 Emails

34,875 GB of Internet traffic

22 WordPress Posts

1160 Tumblr Posts

3 million Google Searches

122,373 YouTube Videos viewed

2121 Skype Calls

12 Uber Rides

1286 Netflix Hours of Videos Streamed

Amazon ships 35 items

eBay gets an average of $680 worth of transactions

Amazon gets an average of $3400 worth of transactions

12 New active Mobile Social users

6 New Facebook Profiles Created

469,445 Facebook Likes

7,203 Tweets

162 Pinterest Pins

4745 Snapchat Snaps Shared

69,444 Snapchat Videos Viewed

305 Reddit votes

721 Instagram Photos Uploads

28935 Instagram Photos Likes

4,86,111 Whatsapp Messages Sent

For the full-sized  infographic check it out here:


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