Get yourself out there, finding your inner public side of being noticed

In the past, I have written about ways to “get yourself out there” and be noticed.

Yet, many of us still wake up and wonder “how can I get myself noticed and invited to those cool events as a speaker? Especially with the wide range of digital media today – being a guest on someone else’s blog or podcast can take some work, a little bit of luck and lots of practice.

Three Reminders To Getting Noticed

Some of the best ways to widen your personal landscape include the use of old-fashioned Collaboration.

That’s right, back to those concepts we all learned in school about coming together to build, create or share as a group. Collaboration doesn’t have to be a hard thing if you know a few simple tricks;

1) Stay in your lane — don’t try to be the know it all.

2) Let others shine — We all want a moment to sparkle, don’t be that person to stand in someone’s way.

3) Be Self-aware — understanding what’s around while it is happening is a huge asset in group roles.

4) Take a risk — and trust that everyone was the  “new” person at some time

5) Listen first, then speak

When you get done with collaborating, then its time to Share Resources.

Make it a habit to offer and give if yourself to those starting out, or who are going through transitions you yourself have. Resources can be links, books, names of contacts and even simply your time. Too many times we try to keep, for ourselves content and knowledge that in reality, isn’t going to bring you any benefit. But could make a significant impact on someone else.

Lastly, make sure you are using #5 from collaborations every day Listen.

People offer “gifts” of knowledge and wisdom all around us. while waiting in line for the bus, at the coffee shop or at networking events.

 For instance, I found several of my favorite tools for social media promotions from asking and listening to those in the field longer than I, when I asked the question “which of the three tools did you start with, but now wish you had used more once you new more of the trade“.

That discussion pitched itself into a very cool philosophical one on learning, looking back, moving forward and along the way. – so many examples and suggestions were tossed out that I just made a list. then once home I revisited the list and explored one a day.

A few I am sharing a lot about this week include:

Podcast  Guests  for when you are looking for guest or ready to be a guest *

Canva – for quick image and design needs

The Quick and Easy Guide to Resizing Images Online

How to Record Your Screen on a Mac and Windows 10

The HPP Journal – the place for educators in the Health Science and related field can get research and into the hands of teachers

*  Items marked with an asterisk may be a current affiliate link on a product I am currently using and enjoying.