Thinking behind promotion your digital content

While catching up on reading during my vacation; I came across this post on the “State of Digital” site;  5 Top Tips for Promoting Digital Content. It’s author. Jack Telford presents 5 promotional methods that suggests ways to improve how your digital content gets expanded and reaches out further.

The essential tips include strong basic methods used in a wide range of marketing ad research that play well with online content, I have added a few supporting comments for context and caveats based on my experience to his well framed 5 tips.

  • Use existing forums & groups
    • Many of us join these, especially in the beginning or as an end of a networking campaign -but the nuance is how to navigate them and make them a tool with out crossing the line to being that “troll” who posts and run
  • Content Creation (FREE or complimentary)
    • Don’t forget the old school newsletter and newspapers. Many of them are hungry for content and will also let you choose the topics. His suggestion to remember the “click me” factor is huge for building traffic. C reading off-shoots of your work/material such as free downloadable templates, surveys, personal assessments or even a customizable infographic are all ways to expand your product by sharing and allowing it to be adaptable for others. (How you choose to ask for credit is a personal decision)
  • Build and “use” your contributors
    • If you re lucky enough to have people contribute (or if you are paying them to do so); they have a network that you want to make sure they reach out to. Instead of just emailing them the link, draft a short email and take a few minutes to mention 1 or 2 strengths that the contributor offers, compliment etc. That will add to the credibility of them, and make it more likely they will forward it out to the membership and elists they use. When ever possible; add pictures of the contributor to add impact.
  • Share it with the media
    • Building a media list is always a organic action -it changes often and you may want to keep in mind that having more than one contact within the same outlet allows different eyes and frames to see your content.
    • This is a great starting activity with newly formed coalitions of same or like professionals an share the list with routine updates.
  • Put some planning into a social strategy
    • Planing is always crucial. From the business plan and strategic planning to creating your media and content mapping plan. Many folks get stuck in that once they see it written, the stop seeing it as flexible and organic. If you fall into that category – instead of using spreadsheet formats, consider using a mind mapping software, or even adapting cloud based presentation tools like or other non-traadtional ways to collect and organize your material and steps that make it easy to adjust as needed. Some folks find use of google apps makes this easy and allows for rotating content as well.



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