As an entrepreneur, you need to be very invested in your business for it to be successful. And, as with any professional, you must also find a good balance between work and family life. Knowing how to deal with stressful family situations can help you keep work and family separate, as well as keep you healthy and happy. 

Taking Care of Kids

If you have kids, this can add a great layer of stress to your life because children cannot do everything on their own. Children rely on their parents to provide the basic necessities of life as well as nurturing and love. One of the ways that you can better care for your kids is to stay organized and plan ahead as much as possible. 

If your children are in plays, academic competitions, concerts, sports games, or other important events, make sure to add the dates of those things to your calendar when you first find out about them. Prioritizing these things will help children remember big life events well. Having these things planned out will also help you schedule work things around those events. 

Aging Parents

In addition to taking care of kids, you might also need to care for aging parents. Aging parents often can’t do a lot of things for themselves and aren’t as mobile, so they need extra help. Moving aging parents in with you can improve their comfort and quality of life. This can also make taking care of them less stressful because you don’t have to commute to other places to see them. 

Working With a Family Member

It may seem impossible to separate work and family matters, especially if you work with a family member at your business. One way to reduce some of the stress of working with a family member is by treating them just like any other employee. This means that when you are working together, you have a strictly work-appropriate relationship with them with real consequences. Make sure that your family member knows and understands that your work relationship will be this way. 


Keep in mind that family situations can add stress to work life, but work life can also add stress to family situations. If you are struggling with familial relationships, you need to take time for those people and relationships. Pouring more effort into entrepreneurship and building your business will not fix your family relationships. 


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How to Make Your Business More Financially Viable

Posted January 15, 2023 By GuestSpot

If your business is struggling, you might be at a loss for what you can do. Finding ways to make your business more profitable and financially viable can help you revive your business and find future success. There are plenty of things you can do to improve your business and get back on your feet. 

Pay Off Debts 

Your business can’t be financially successful if you’re constantly paying off debts. The debts you have only eat away at your revenue and this reduces the profit you’re making. You need to make a plan for how to handle your debts. Start by evaluating your current income and expenses. 

Creating a strict budget can free up some of your money so you can dedicate more of it to paying your debts. During this time, you should also look for ways to decrease your spending. For example, you can buy supplies in bulk or talk to your suppliers about discounts. Of course, increasing your cash flow will also make it easier to pay off debts. 

Hire an Accountant 

Finances can be complex and difficult to manage on your own. This is why it’s helpful to bring in a professional. Hiring an accountant can ensure your finances are being handled properly and it frees up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Your accountant will keep track of all your income, expenses, debts, etc. and they will make sure everything is done correctly. Of course, your accountant can also be an asset when making changes. Accounts can help clean up your finances to prepare your business for a sale. Having clear and thorough financial records will make a future sale go smoothly. 

Embrace Technology 

Many businesses struggle simply because they aren’t taking advantage of the tools available to them. Every business should embrace technology so they can improve functions within their business. For example, it’s helpful to have an automated payment system in place. You should also have cybersecurity, inventory management software, and automated customer service. Businesses also benefit from an online presence such as social media and a website. If you want your business to succeed, you need to use technology to make things easier for you and your team. 


You may feel like you’re on a sinking ship when your business is struggling. However, it’s not too late. There’s still plenty you can do to make your business more financially viable so you can continue to see success. 

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How Entrepreneurs Can Put Together an Estate Plan

Posted January 15, 2023 By GuestSpot

An estate plan is an important document for any entrepreneur. It can help ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. If you don’t have a plan in place, the courts will decide how your estate is divided up, and this may not be what you would have wanted. These are some of the things that you should consider when putting together an estate plan to make sure your bases are covered.

Create a Succession Plan

As an entrepreneur, you have spent years building your business from the ground up. You have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into making your dream a reality. But what would happen to your business if something happened to you? This is where estate planning comes in. Estate planning is the process of preparing for what will happen to your business after you die. One important part of estate planning is creating a succession plan

A succession plan is a document that outlines how your business will be passed on to another person. This person could be a family member, a business partner, or someone else who you trust to take over your business. Creating a succession plan ensures that your hard work will not be for nothing and that your business will continue to thrive after you are gone.

Put Your Assets in a Trust

Another thing that entrepreneurs can do to put together an estate plan is to put their assets in a trust. This can help to protect your assets from creditors and lawsuits, and it can also provide for the continued operation of your business in the event of your death. A trust can also be a helpful tool for tax planning, as it can help to minimize the tax liability of your heirs. 

Trusts can help your heirs avoid probate. Putting your assets in a trust is just one of the many things that entrepreneurs can do to put together an estate plan. With careful planning, you can ensure that your business and your family are taken care of in the event of your death.

Write a Will

One of the most important components of an estate plan is a will. A will allows you to specify exactly how you want your assets to be divided, and it can provide peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out. In addition, a will can help to avoid potential conflicts among your heirs, and it can make the probate process easier for your loved ones. While there are many different estate planning strategies available, a will should be one of the first steps you take in ensuring that your affairs are in order.


Estate planning can be an unpleasant thought for many people, but it’s something everyone has to do. As an entrepreneur, you have additional responsibilities when it comes to estate planning. Be sure to follow these tips to help out your heirs and organize your affairs.

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Small Workplace Changes That Can Improve Your Culture

Posted January 10, 2023 By GuestSpot

When you are running a business you want to make sure that you are creating a space that is safe and productive for your employees. It can feel overwhelming to think about changing the culture in your workplace, but you don’t have to do it all in one go. Instead, you can break it down into small changes that come together to make your company a better place for everyone who works there.

Create an Open Office

One of the best things you can do for your company culture is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable communicating and collaborating with one another. This can be hard to do when everyone only has access to their own personal space. 

Creating an open office with flexible workspaces in addition to private spaces can help your employees to feel empowered to work together. This also gives them room to move around throughout the day and spend their time in the places that help them to feel most creative and productive while they are at work.

Add Color

If your office feels dreary and bleak, the work you get from your employees isn’t going to be the best it could be. A little color in the furniture, walls, and decor can help your workplace to feel more fun and inspiring. The way you use color can change the mood of the space and alter your productivity. 

A mural in your office can bring your employees together by creating a sense of community. Choose a community artist for the mural, and get your team involved in choosing what the mural should be about. That way you can bring your employees even closer together.

Create a Flexible Time-Off Policy

If you want your employees to do their best work and be happy in their jobs, they need to have time off. Sometimes people need time off for illness or mental health problems, or they may just need a break. And, people don’t always know in advance when they are going to need these things. By taking the time to put together a flexible time-off policy, you can empower your employees and make the workplace more comfortable. Be generous with time off, so your employees can value the time they spend at work.


When you are working to improve your company culture, you are on a project that will improve your whole business. Small changes can impact your employees in positive ways, so don’t be afraid to make them. Get your whole team involved so they can help your company to be as great as you want it to be.

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Issues That Employees Need to Report to HR

Posted January 5, 2023 By GuestSpot

Have you ever experienced a situation at work that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe? Certain situations should be reported to your HR office to ensure that your workplace can be improved and made safer. Here are a few issues that employees need to report to HR. 


First, if you are the victim of or witness to any harassment in the workplace, this is something that you definitely need to report to HR. Harassment can include mental, emotional, or physical abuses or offenses. Any events of harassment based on an employee’s or individual’s race, religion, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, sex, citizenship, marital status, or any other personal information is illegal and can and should be punishable. 

While it can be mentally and emotionally grueling to relive your harassment in the process of reporting it, doing so will help protect you and your fellow employees in the future. HR can investigate the event and help ensure that the situations of harassment don’t continue to occur.

Safety Hazards

You should also be reporting to HR if you realize that there are any safety hazards present in your workplace. If your office isn’t set up in a way that will prevent safety hazards, your company could be legally responsible for any safety risks. Sometimes, safety hazards occur because employees aren’t properly educated on safety codes and rules. 

For example, employees could store supplies and equipment in a way that could be viewed as hazardous or unsafe. Safety hazards such as leaks also occur over time. Promptly reporting hazards helps address the issue quickly.

Medical Issues or Needs

You should also report to HR if you’re experiencing any medical issues or needs that might change the way that you work. If you have an injury or health condition that is preventing you from working normally, talk to HR to see if you can make adjustments. For example, if you are normally required to carry heavy packages throughout the day, talk to HR to see if you can be switched to take on more clerical responsibilities that could keep you sitting at a desk. Pregnancy is also a condition that you should report to your HR so they can plan to have your work covered during your maternity leave. If you report any medical issues or needs to HR, they’ll make sure that your company takes care of you.


So, as you’re adjusting to working for a company, make sure you’re aware of any issues you should report to HR. Harassment, safety hazards, and medical issues should all be reported to HR to help keep your workplace safe. Doing so will help HR take care of any problems that are occurring and improve your work environment.

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What You Need to Start a Woodworking Business

Posted January 5, 2023 By GuestSpot

Starting your own woodworking business can be a very rewarding experience, both financially and personally. However, there are a few things that you will need to do in order to get started. Here are the basic steps that you need to take to launch your own woodworking business. So if you’re ready to make some sawdust and start building beautiful pieces of furniture, this is for you.

Work Space

One of the most important things you need to start your own woodworking business is a dedicated workspace. This can be anything from a small corner in your garage to a large workshop out back. No matter the size, it’s important to have a space where you can spread out your tools and work on your projects without interruption. It’s also important to have good lighting and ventilation in your workspace, as sawdust and fumes can be dangerous if inhaled. With a well-equipped and comfortable workspace, you’ll be able to focus on your projects and create high-quality pieces that your customers will love.


A woodworking business requires a lot of equipment to get started. However, one of the most important pieces of equipment you need is a router. A router is a tool that helps to create smooth, interchangeable cuts in wood. It can also be used to create decorative designs and patterns. While you can find routers at most hardware stores, they just don’t make them like they used to. Older machines were built to last longer than today’s machines. As a result, it’s important to invest in a good quality router if you want your woodworking business to be successful.

Licensing and Paperwork

Any businessperson will tell you that one of the most important things you need to get started is licensing and paperwork. Not only do you need to make sure your business is legal, but you also need to be able to show potential customers that you’re a legitimate business. For a woodworking business, this means getting a business license and insurance, as well as setting up a system for tracking inventory and sales. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started on the right foot. With a little effort, you can be up and running in no time.


The world of woodworking can be an exciting world for those who care for the craft. Starting your own woodworking business can be a great way to make a living from your passion. If you want to start a woodworking business, be sure you have these three things to get on the right path.


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Common Business Costs That You Can Reduce

Posted December 25, 2022 By GuestSpot

Running a business comes with many expenses. Over time, these expenses can become overwhelming and even put your business at risk. Fortunately, there are costs that you can reduce to maintain your business.

Office Expenses

Your physical office space and all its amenities are an essential part of your business, but your office-related expenses can be cut down. If you want to majorly cut your expenses, consider your space as a whole. It may be possible for you to downsize to a smaller and more affordable office space. When it comes to utilities, you can cut costs by being more energy efficient. 

You can install energy-efficient devices such as smart thermostats, light timers, or more efficient plugs and outlets. Costs can also be cut on the supplies you buy. Make deals and barter with the companies you buy supplies with. Most importantly, set a budget for your office supplies and do your best to stick to that budget. 


Most employees have the benefit of their employers withholding money to cover taxes. However, as the business owner, you are responsible for paying all taxes. This can be a heavy burden on your business. One way to reduce taxes is to change how your business is structured. 

An S-corp helps you avoid FICA taxes on all but your salary. Another way to reduce taxes is to explore everything you can deduct from your taxes. Examples include travel expenses, business-related purchases, and even rent/utility costs. 


Marketing gets the word out about your business and it draws in new customers. This essential facet of your business can be done for less money. One strategy is to shift toward more social media marketing. It’s free to use social media apps and your only cost would be paying people to manage your accounts and design marketing materials. 


You can also use many free tools to assist with your marketing. For example, there are online tools available to run analytics on your website, social media accounts, etc. that let you see what is and isn’t working. To further reduce marketing costs, you can regularly evaluate your marketing strategies and cut anything that isn’t effective. 


Cutting costs at your business can help you increase your revenue as well as free up more money for other important expenses. It’s worth reviewing your business to see what cuts you can make. Get creative and find ways to save money. 

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Why Boundaries Are Critical When You Run a Business

Posted December 23, 2022 By GuestSpot

Setting boundaries is an essential part of adult life, but it can be a hard skill to develop. When you are running a business, it is even more important that you understand how to set clear boundaries to protect yourself and your company. When you take the time to set boundaries early, you can ensure that your business can run in a way that works for you and helps you to reach your goals.

Your Time is Limited

Running a business takes a lot of time when you aren’t having issues, but it can be even more difficult if you have soft boundaries. Make sure that you do what you need to do to manage your time effectively and show the people you work with what your boundaries are when it comes to your time. 

Sometimes your business time will be threatened when you don’t have boundaries, but it can also impact your personal time as well. You should work to maintain a strong work/life balance, so you can bring your best self to the office.

Prevent Burnout

Not having boundaries when you are running a business can make it a lot easier for you to get tired of the work you do. Everyone needs breaks, and having good boundaries helps you to protect yourself, your ambition, and your company. Separating work and home life is a necessary boundary to give yourself a break. 

Make sure that when you leave work at the end of the day, you don’t bring work home with you. Taking time to separate your work life from your home life can save you frustration and fatigue.

Maintain Your Self-Worth

Some people get so sucked into their business that they can no longer understand themselves without it. Your boundaries are essential because they help you to maintain your self-worth as something separate from your business. You can do great work on a regular basis without letting your work own you. Especially as a small business owner, it is essential that you have time for yourself. Your value is intrinsic, so don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that your work is the most important thing in your life.


Having good boundaries can help you to stay devoted to your business in the long run. When you have boundaries in place, it shows that you value yourself and are working to make your life as great as possible. Make sure you also value the boundaries of your team along the way.

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Benefits Employees Need to Stick Around Longer

Posted December 20, 2022 By GuestSpot

As an employer, it is understandable that you have lots of expenses to manage when it comes to your employees. However, you really shouldn’t skimp when it comes to benefits, since they can persuade your employees to work for you longer. If you’ve been struggling to get your employees to stick around long-term, here are a few tips you should keep in mind. 


PTO, or paid time off, is a huge draw for many employees when they’re looking for a new job. Everyone likes to have vacation days to have a good balance of work and play in their lives. Having days away from work will help your employees to stay happy and mentally healthy. 

Taking vacation days is also much less stressful when you get paid time off. This will help your employees take their needed time off without worrying about losing money. When you’re budgeting the salary for your employees, include their vacation days in your budget so they can get PTO. 

A Health Insurance Plan

Another benefit that most workers look for in their future employers is a health insurance plan. Giving your employees a health insurance plan can help them to feel secure and provided for at your company. 

It can also pay off for you because having health insurance can persuade your employees to take care of their health. Combining health insurance with worker’s compensation can help you save money on both.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

If most of your employees are adults, they’ll probably be looking for maternity or paternity leave as a benefit at your company. Many adults are in the stage of growing their families and will expect help and compensation from their employers. Make sure that you give your employees sufficient time off for their maternity or paternity leave, and continue to pay them during that time. This may vary depending on if you’re employing the mother or father, but be mindful of their needs. Failing to provide maternity leave for pregnant employees can be considered illegal discrimination. 

So, if you’re trying to hire employees that will be dependable and stick around long-term, keep in mind these benefits that you should provide for them. Remember, adding free snacks in the break room does not count as a benefit. You need to be providing your employees with needed, worthwhile benefits to help them stick around.

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As a self-employed entrepreneur, it’s important to stay on top of all the deadlines and tax filing dates that come with your new business. If you miss any important deadlines, you could end up facing penalties and fines. Make sure that you are up-to-date on these three most important deadlines that you don’t want to miss.

Tax Day

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you have to wear a lot of hats. You’re responsible for everything from generating new business to keeping your existing clients happy. And one of the most important deadlines you can’t afford to miss is tax day. Paying your taxes on time is crucial because it shows the government that you’re a responsible business owner. And if you don’t pay your taxes, you could face some serious penalties, including fines and interest charges. 

So make sure you mark tax day on your calendar and get your taxes filed on time. Missing the tax deadline is one mistake that can cost you dearly as a self-employed entrepreneur. So don’t let it happen to you – plan and make sure you get your taxes in on time.

Quarterly Tax Payments

As a self-employed entrepreneur, there are a lot of deadlines you have to keep track of. From filing quarterly taxes to making estimated tax payments, it can be easy to let something slip through the cracks. However, one deadline you can’t afford to miss is your quarterly tax payment. Not only will it help you avoid penalties and interest, but it will also ensure that you’re staying on top of your tax obligations. 

These taxes pay for great benefits like Medicare. Medicare helps cover healthcare costs in retirement, including hospice care. By making your quarterly tax payment on time, you can be sure that you’re prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Retirement Plan Reports

For self-employed entrepreneurs, one important deadline that shouldn’t be missed is retirement plan reports. By law, these reports must be filed annually with the IRS. However, many self-employed entrepreneurs are unaware of this requirement. As a result, they may miss the deadline and face penalties. 

The good news is that there are several ways to avoid this problem. First, make sure to keep track of all deadlines related to your retirement plan. Second, hire a qualified accountant to prepare and file the report for you. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that you don’t miss this important deadline.


There are a lot of deadlines self-employed entrepreneurs have to keep track of. But by staying organized and knowing which deadlines are most important, you can avoid costly penalties and fines. So make sure you mark tax day, quarterly tax payments, and retirement plan reports on your calendar.

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