How to Use Your Daily Look to Create Inner Confidence

Inner Confidence

The way you present yourself to the world says a lot about your personality and your inner confidence. When you think you look good, you feel good too. It doesn’t always matter how others think you look, but knowing you like how you look goes a long way. Our confidence levels have a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. So how we feel when we see ourselves is a part of our confidence both in person and in the workplace.

Depending on your perception I could be cool and trendy or distant and scary here of me taken on a break from a meeting

There are so many fun ways to make your look unique and fun. Fashion and clothing are great tools to use to express yourself and boost your confidence. Looking amazing means feeling amazing, too. To learn more about how to use your daily look to build inner confidence, continue reading. For some of us, being unique is also apart of developing who we are as a person. This is especially important to those that have a strong community, cultural and ethnic tie to how we are perceived. Understanding the impact we have in how we present ourselves, and knowing when to blend or shine is a skill.


Dress to Impress

Taking the time to put together a really nice outfit and putting some effort into your appearance can pay off in a number of ways. Whether we like it or not, other people often form opinions of us based on the way we look. While it is easier to just throw on a pair of sweatpants, this can give the impression you don’t care or aren’t invested in the people you meet. When we really put effort into our clothing choices, we not only look more presentable, but we feel better about ourselves too. You will probably find that you have the confidence to approach others when you are feeling good about your look. In addition, a lack of inner confidence can cause you to miss out on a lot of opportunities. But remember “nice” does not mean “expensive”. It means a well thought out, clean and fit outfit. Sometimes it means bumping it up a bit. This could mean adding a suit jacket to your business pressed untucked dress shirt, casual jeans, and boots or swapping out flats for a more modest heal.



Accessories are a fun way to really spice up an outfit. A bland look can be transformed into some unique and stylish jewelry, such as Bohemian or boutique-style jewelry. Purses, ties, bags, hats, sunglasses, and shoes are also a great way to accessorize and make your look stand out. The great thing about accessories is that they can easily be paired with neutral or subdued clothing pieces. A beautiful necklace or striking tie can really pull your whole look together and bring your personality to light.

Umm, yeah even as a kid, Mom made sure I wore a clip-on for those pictures.

Another easy way to add some impact is your watch and socks. Need a pop of color? Look for watch bands with a bright contrast trim, even better if you can swap them out. I think socks are a great way to show your style and unique, so while it’s a subtle thing, it can add a touch of whimsy and is a great icebreaker.  Another way you can add impact is with a touch of vintage/retro and use one of those original “grandma” pins on your blouse or jacket.

I know for me – its watch bands and ties all the way – I love vibrant and rich colors in a tie on those rare occasions I wear them.


Wear Flattering Clothes

Learning how to dress in a way that is flattering to your body is important. Certain styles and fabrics look good on particular body shapes but can be unflattering to others. In addition, some colors are more complimentary to certain skin tones. Much of your confidence comes from how good you feel in your clothes. If you feel like your blouse or shirt makes you look top-heavy or your skirt accentuates your hips too much, it can knock down your confidence significantly. Experiment with different cuts of clothing and see if you can get tailoring done for a better fit. Many times tailoring is less expensive than you think.

One tip I learned last year was even as a big guy, not to shy away from “trim” fit shirts. I was finding those dress shirts that fit my neck all hung too long and baggy. Then I found that a “trim” fit was not as “skinny” as I thought. Instead, I ended up with a more tailored look.

Using fashion as a way to express yourself and gain confidence is an exciting part of self-presentation. There are so many styles and fabrics to experiment with, and a good look will really make you feel good about yourself. Much of our inner confidence comes from the outside, so have fun with fashion and dress in a way that makes you feel good.

So, what about the clothes we can’t see? Well, it makes sense to pay attention to what you wear under your outfits as well. New blends and fabrics now can make lines disappear, can adjust for those of us who run warm (and want to avoid wet stains) or run cold. Knowing your fit is important, nothing it worse that constantly tugging on that pair of underwear that is creeping up or finding out that bra isn’t holding up the way it should. For many of us, we are hesitant to recycle old undergarments, “because they feel good still”,  well save them for your off days and keep your workday ones fresh and in good shape.


My Secret Weapon

My Dad impressed on myself and my sister’s many things as we were growing up and giving us opportunities to be all that we could be. One tip I hold to this day is the importance of taking that extra time and making sure my shoes are always polished and in good shape. I am not someone who is going to spend thousands on my shoes, but I will pay out a few extra bucks for a good standard dress one. Then sometimes I break down and buy a pair simply for fun!

No matter how much they cost, here are a few extra tips:

>> Wipe them down each day

>> Polish as needed, that includes the sides of the soles and heels. (note – Ladies your shoes need to get polished too)

>> Have your soles checked and fixed if they wear unevenly

>> Don’t wear the same ones each day. By switching them out you will get longer life from them.