Loving that the Storytelling Movement Continues

 The Storytelling Movement Continues

Just catching up on some of my news feeds and came across this recent post from the Edge Network. As many of you know I hold a special place in my heart, head (and yes, evan my wallet) about the significant importance of  “Storytelling“. It is more than something just for children and I  love how seeing more and more forums integrating the technique into everything from health communication, care, advocacy, to finance.

Edge Network; Oral Histories of San Fran Activism

New Storytelling Project to Gather Oral Histories on San Francisco AIDS Activism

The GLBT Historical Society has launched a new oral history project under the guidance of historian Joey Plaster to chronicle, preserve and share the history of ACT UP/San Francisco and other AIDS direct-action groups.

For more on Storytelling and the full story: http://www.edgemedianetwork.com/?219246

For more information

About providing an interview or volunteering, contact Joey Plaster at [email protected]. To take part in the conversation and get regular updates, join the project’s Facebook group and visit the project’s page on the GLBT Historical Society website.

For more information on the GLBT Historical Society, visit www.glbthistory.org.

Interested in how you can add Storytelling?  
Find out more details on the MentorSF’s  Storytelling Technology Bootcamp 

This engaged hands-on “Bootcamp” style workshop is an overview of ways and tools to share personal and communal stories with your family, friends or for wider sharing. It will cover the use of different tools and platforms from micro-blogging, to full out blog tools, e-journaling, use of Facebook as a story collector and more.

The 60 – 90 minute sessions are each designed to be interactive can be taken in any order. Sessions are arranged for 1:1 learning in person or online. For more information visit:Storytelling Technology Bootcamp