Issues That Employees Need to Report to HR

Have you ever experienced a situation at work that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe? Certain situations should be reported to your HR office to ensure that your workplace can be improved and made safer. Here are a few issues that employees need to report to HR. 


First, if you are the victim of or witness to any harassment in the workplace, this is something that you definitely need to report to HR. Harassment can include mental, emotional, or physical abuses or offenses. Any events of harassment based on an employee’s or individual’s race, religion, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, sex, citizenship, marital status, or any other personal information is illegal and can and should be punishable. 

While it can be mentally and emotionally grueling to relive your harassment in the process of reporting it, doing so will help protect you and your fellow employees in the future. HR can investigate the event and help ensure that the situations of harassment don’t continue to occur.

Safety Hazards

You should also be reporting to HR if you realize that there are any safety hazards present in your workplace. If your office isn’t set up in a way that will prevent safety hazards, your company could be legally responsible for any safety risks. Sometimes, safety hazards occur because employees aren’t properly educated on safety codes and rules. 

For example, employees could store supplies and equipment in a way that could be viewed as hazardous or unsafe. Safety hazards such as leaks also occur over time. Promptly reporting hazards helps address the issue quickly.

Medical Issues or Needs

You should also report to HR if you’re experiencing any medical issues or needs that might change the way that you work. If you have an injury or health condition that is preventing you from working normally, talk to HR to see if you can make adjustments. For example, if you are normally required to carry heavy packages throughout the day, talk to HR to see if you can be switched to take on more clerical responsibilities that could keep you sitting at a desk. Pregnancy is also a condition that you should report to your HR so they can plan to have your work covered during your maternity leave. If you report any medical issues or needs to HR, they’ll make sure that your company takes care of you.


So, as you’re adjusting to working for a company, make sure you’re aware of any issues you should report to HR. Harassment, safety hazards, and medical issues should all be reported to HR to help keep your workplace safe. Doing so will help HR take care of any problems that are occurring and improve your work environment.

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