Having interests outside of the workplace is “good business” 

Having interests outside of the workplace is “good business” . 

 When teams feel a balance and enage in activities that bring them satisfaction, pleasure, control, strategic thinking and creativity after hours, they bring the fruit of that energized mind back to the work place.  

Bonnie Crater wrote back in July 2016; Having a Life Outside of the Office Is Actually Good Business  and a newer post from Stewart Brown in Feb 2017; How hobbies can make us better in the workplace is cause for thinking. 

 So what do I do after hours to recharge myself?

I try to plan ahead and commit to attending activities that expand my thinking and creativity at least once a week. But several months ago I also joined a book club to expose me to reading and discussion I might miss from just those on my facebook pages (check me ur on Goodreads to see my crazy topic range).

 But also I blog about my cooking and attempts at baking, adapting old vintage recipes for modern day tastes and equipment  ( the good and the bad), I share my travels and hints for entertaining and all the stories, recipes and “oh my’s” that make up my outside world on http://BiteTheRoad.com as a counter balance to my blog on social and digital media leadership at MentorSF.com under my Engage! Blog  and share at my page for it on Facebook: Facebook.com/mentorsfca