Complex Business Tasks You Shouldn’t Take on Alone

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often given the message that they need to be responsible, on top of their game, and get everything done. But that doesn’t mean that you should do everything yourself or without the help of others. Certain things in a business function are best if they are done with multiple people.

Payroll Management

Running payroll for your company is a very important job that requires you to be at the top of your game and make sure everything is accurate. Nothing makes an employee more upset than getting short-changed on their paycheck, so this is a crucial job to keep the company running smoothly. 

However, if you have a larger company, running the payroll by yourself may be beyond you. Rather than trying to take it on alone, this job should be divided up between multiple people who can ensure that the payroll is being set up properly, run on time, and double-checked for accuracy.

Creating a Retirement Plan

A retirement plan is one of the benefits that people are most attracted to at any given company. If you don’t currently have a retirement plan or you are reworking the current plan offered, make sure that you aren’t doing it alone. 

While you may have an idea of what you want to do, if you aren’t a financial expert, you may quickly run into problems. A 401(k) plan needs to go through compliance testing to ensure employees are treated fairly. You should also talk to employees to find out what is most important to them with their retirement plan so that they will be satisfied with this benefit you are offering.


Hiring is one of the most important things to get right for your business, and leaving it all to one person is a good way to mess that up. Even if the person doing the hiring is really good at their job, they will have blind spots and biases that may not be serving the company well. Additionally, if they haven’t performed the job function they are hiring for, they may not be able to find the best person for the job. Having multiple people involved in the hiring process will help you produce a more robust profile for each candidate and hopefully hire the right person each time.


Rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed or not accomplishing things as well as you can, allow yourself to ask for help. After all, things become much more manageable when you work with others to share the load.


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