Benefits That You Can Give Part-Time Employees

Benefits are often seen as something only full-time employees get to enjoy. That’s not how it has to be, however. You can give part-time employees benefits too. 

Benefits are a great way to attract talent and can encourage employees to stick around. You don’t necessarily have to give part-time employees the same benefits you give your full-time employees, but some are worth considering.

Paid Time Off

Have you ever considered giving part-time employees paid time off? Everyone needs a break from work every once in a while, whether because they are sick, need a mental health day, or just want to take a vacation. 

It’s a lot easier to feel comfortable about taking time away from work when you have PTO to cover it. Decide how you want to structure your PTO plan. For example, you can simply give them 40 hours of PTO to use for the year or have them accrue it throughout the year.

Retirement Benefits

Everyone wants to retire at some point. To retire, however, you have to have the money to afford not to work. That’s where retirement plans come into play. It’s easier to put money into a retirement plan when your employer does it for you before you even receive your paycheck, which is part of why retirement benefits are so attractive. 

Consider offering it to your part-time employees as well as your full-time employees. Depending on the plan you offer, it may be more a matter of necessity than choice. A SEP-IRA must include part-time employees at your company.

Flexible Work Options

The coronavirus pandemic brought into sharp relief how important it is to have a certain degree of flexibility in how work gets done. The more flexibility you can build into working, the easier it is for employees to make their jobs fit comfortably with the rest of their lives. If the way your business is structured allows it, offer employees the opportunity to work remotely, at least on occasion (this is an especially great option if you live in an area that has severe weather from time to time). Offer flexible scheduling for those who commute. They’ll appreciate the freedom to time their commute so they don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic.

Some of your best employees may work part-time hours. Reward their efforts and loyalty with benefits that make their lives better, both now and in the future. Use benefits to show you care about their well-being and allow them to take full advantage of them. In turn, they’ll reward you with their productivity, efficiency, and energy.

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