A Facebook related blog posts worth reviewing

Some interesting Facebook related posts that caught my eye, (note: I am not engaged with any of these sites, simply as I see or read I am sharing)

5 things social media editors should do when programming Facebook Media organizations, repeat after me: Facebook is not made for you. It may adapt somewhat to your presence, but ultimately it’s made for the 1 billion-plus people who are having a conversation on it. If you’re lucky, your story might sometimes be the topic of that conversation; if you’re smart, you’ll be engaged in the discussion, too. Here are five recommendations to help make that happen. [ED NOTE: a good solid read]

Facebook’s Trending topics shift from viral to corroborated news The Trending section will also add a publisher’s headline below each topic name, replacing a tally of how many people are talking about a topic that previously appeared in this spot. Finally, topics will no longer be personalized, but everyone in the same region will now be able to see the same topics.

Facebook boosts longer videos in algorithm change One of the signals Facebook uses to rank videos is percent completion and that signal previously unintentionally penalized longer videos. The revamped signal weights completion percentage more heavily the longer the video effectively removing the accidental penalty. One immediate consequence of the move is longer videos will be more likely to appear in news feeds and shorter videos could see a drop in news feed distribution, although Facebook said it expects the change to be slight.

Facebook is copying Instagram’s copy of Snapchat’s Stories It was only a matter of time. After copying Snapchat’s Stories on Instagram – and then improving on them – Facebook proper is now testing a Stories feature as well. It works pretty much exactly as on Instagram. Open up the Facebook app, and you’ll see a carousel of circular profile photos representing friends’ Stories above your News Feed. Like on Instagram and Snapchat, the Stories disappear after 24 hours, and you’re able to apply a myriad of filters and effects.

Facebook testing News Feed-like ads inside Messenger Ever on the lookout for new revenue streams, Facebook is pushing News Feed-like ads right on to your Messenger screen. Announced today, the test only affects users from Australia and Thailand, for now, but it’d be hard to imagine a scenario where this didn’t go worldwide after the kinks have been worked out. The new ads will appear the users’ most recent conversation. According to the announcement, users will have the option to hide or report ads that are irrelevant or offensive, and they’re designed not to interfere with your conversations.