Not just for kids!

Caught this one from another list I am on and made me chuckle; posted Middle-Aged Americans Beat Millennials in Time Spent on Social Media Get off Facebook, Dad. No, really, you’re spending, like, seven hours a week on there. It’s no exaggeration: Despite the popular belief that millennials are the generation most addicted to their phones, a recent report from Nielsen, the media information and analysis company, found that it is, in fact, Generation X that lavishes the most time on social media pages.

According to it’s author, “Gen X spends nearly seven hours a week on social networks, a study finds, more than any other age group.” I imagine given the changing and somewhat “charged” times, we can anticipate that growing for those with a fiscal or political relationship with the web interfaces. Quoting a report from, “35- to 49-year-olds averaged six hours and 58 minutes. Millennials, defined by the study as those aged 18 to 34, spent 39 fewer minutes per week”