The Disadvantages of Working at a Desk

Do you work a desk job like millions of other people in the country? While desk jobs have become somewhat mainstream and routine, there are still many negative elements that come along with working at a desk. Here are some of the disadvantages of working at a desk that you might experience. 

Too Much Routine

First, working at a desk can force you into a schedule with too much routine. Sitting at the same desk for eight hours every day can make it difficult to concentrate for long periods. Sometimes, having too much routine in your day-to-day life can cause you to quickly become bored and burned out with your work responsibilities. 

When this occurs, your productivity and passion for your job can drop significantly. If you find that you have too much boredom in your desk job, try to mix things up by taking breaks and switching up your tasks to increase productivity. 

Possibility of Injury

Another disadvantage that comes along with working at a desk is the possibility of injury. Many injuries might occur when you work too long at a desk, even though you’re not in a manual labor job. For example, sitting in a chair that doesn’t properly support your back, posture, spine, and sitting position can lead you to develop back pain. 

This pain can then be aggravated by sitting in the same position day after day. Additionally, you can develop pain in your hands and wrists from your desk job. Typing for long hours can lead to wrist pain. Make sure that you’re taking care of your body as you’re working at your desk job and being aware of any pain or symptoms that you might develop.

Lack of Physical Activity

Finally, working a desk job can often lead you to have a significant lack of physical activity in your life. This is especially true if you often work longer-than-normal hours that bleed into your personal life. Having a significant lack of physical activity can cause your muscles to weaken, which can lead to pain and posture issues. Not getting enough physical activity can also cause you to gain weight, which could increase your risk of having a stroke, suffering from a heart attack, or developing diabetes. If you realize that you’re not getting much physical activity, try to make a change in your daily schedule to stay active each day.


So, if you’re working a desk job, or contemplating starting a desk job, remember the disadvantages that come along with such a work setting. Having a desk job can lead to too much routine, the possibility of injury, and a harmful lack of physical activity. If you do choose to work a desk job, make sure that you pay attention to your physical and mental health and care for your mind and body.


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