Talking about Mentoring LGBTs in Tech at TechInclusion

Talking about Mentoring LGBTs in Tech at TechInclusion

As I posted earlier this week on my latest post of my food blog, I had a super busy few weeks. One of the highlights was surely the 10 min “TED” style talk on Mentoring LGBTs that incorporated storytelling as a way to share about the importance of mentorships and mentors for the LGBT person in Tech. It was a great afternoon with so many very cool people present. I had forgotten how I enjoy the process of planning using the storytelling technique and coaching through humour. The best part for me personally was the moment I reminded myself – that this was what I loved doing. Showing and modeling how the power and importance that comes with taking to a platform or stage and storytelling, not only the “wins”. Those are often the easy parts, but also sharing about the hard stuff, the almost and most definately the big “fails” we all go through. After the talk, several folks took the time to let me know how they appreciated my candor and honesty, about the power that ignoring an opportunity becasue of fear, labels or difference of beliefs or race can raise. So TechInclusion was a personal win for me!

It was also fun to be back in the San Francisco Armory in this other role, even if I always enjoyed it from my other one. As a venue – they do a great job with hosting programs. one of the folks snapped a picture of me in motion and I dressed it up a bit and shared about my social media hubs as well. Below is the slide set – but video to soon be posted!



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