Instagram adds new features

Instagram now has stickers and ‘hands-free’ video – Instagram, which has been adding features an impressive clip, is getting a few more today. First up, you can now add stickers to your video and photo stories. Yep, just like Snapchat. Again. The sticker button shows up next to the drawing tool (it’s the smiley face one), although as the company has been wont to do, it’s adding its own twist on Snapchat’s implementation by including specific stickers for the weather, current time and location. Snapchat has filters for those sorts of variables, but filters are fixed, while stickers can be moved around and resized.

Instagram’s new ‘Saved Posts’ feature has big implications for marketers – Hours after Instagram unveiled a bookmark feature called “Saved Posts” on Wednesday, allowing users to save posts they’d like to revisit later, Audi became one of the first brands to offer up a fun hack. The auto brand posted nine different pieces of a single Audi R8 image in random order on its Instagram page, encouraging users to bookmark each piece in the correct order to solve the puzzle. Those who solved it correctly would see the completed shot of the Audi R8 in a seamless whole on the “bookmarks” tab on their own Instagram profiles. The puzzle has been solved over 3,200 times so far. [h/t Jason at NASA]