How to Present a Professional Image to a Potential Employer

Imagine you’ve just landed a job interview with your dream company. What would you do to prepare to be as successful as possible in that interview? Also, what did you do beforehand that helped you to receive the opportunity to be interviewed? Here are a few tips that will help you to know how to present a professional image to a potential employer during an interview or screening process.

Dress thoughtfully for the Interview

First of all, you need to make sure that you dress well during your interview. Nothing reflects a lack of attention to detail and social cues more than being sloppily dressed in an interview. Plan your outfit ahead of time so you make sure you wear something comfortable and professional. Also, take some time to research what most people wear in the industry that your potential job is in. Dress according to those standards, but just a bit nicer. For example, if you’re interviewing for a tech job where most people wear t-shirts and polos to work, wear a nice button-down shirt and some neat pants. Don’t show up in a full suit or you’ll feel somewhat out of place.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Another step that you should take when you’re wanting to present a professional image to a potential employer is to clean up your social media accounts. Half of employers check prospective employees’ social media accounts. This helps them to learn more about you as a person beyond the professional image that you present them with. If your social media is full of crude jokes, bad language, and inappropriate pictures, you probably won’t give your potential employer a very good impression. You don’t have to make your social media accounts look like a resume. You can still post wonderful things about your life, but make sure that your social media is free from anything that could be viewed as a negative influence.

Update Your Resume

Finally, make sure that you update your resume and cover letter before every interview you have or job you apply for. Take the time to personalize each resume and cover letter according to the job description and expectations of the job you’re applying for. If you have an outdated resume and cover letter that seem too generic or carelessly thrown together, your potential employer will not be impressed.

Remember, the keys to appearing professional are to communicate clearly, demonstrate your experience, and show that you have self-control. Your potential employer will review your resume, note your attire, and scan your social media to look for clues that indicate whether you have these qualities and abilities. So be sure to provide them with ample proof of the assets that you will provide to their team!

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