How to Plot Your Exit From Your 9-to-5 to Entrepreneurship

In the early days of your career, you will likely need to be involved in someone else’s business all day, or maybe even more. But eventually, you may find that you want to move out of that place and start taking a more hands on approach to your own career. Planning to exit from your regular job before you leave can help you to start your career as an entrepreneur and feel prepared for the steps you need to make moving forward.

Set Goals for Yourself

Start with setting goals for yourself so that you know when you want to be out of the 9-to-5 work life and what you want to do when you are out. You can use smaller goals to prepare your business and get new people set up in various positions. As you prepare yourself and your employees for your new roles, you can start to see how things will work when you finally exit your nine to five to work on your own business full time. Really take time to think about what you want for yourself and for your business so you can take the steps that will get you to your dreams.

Get Your Finances in Order

You also need to prepare to pay for your new business. Every business needs some level of funding in order to be functional in the early days. You can acquire funding through loans, partnerships, and even investors. You can also use your own cash to get things rolling if you have the money to make that happen. According to Franchise Gator, some of your 401(k) assets can be used to fund a business startup.

Follow Your Passion

Your entrepreneurship goals will likely take time. According to Listen Money Matters, you may work more hours than you do at your nine to five job. With that in mind, you have to make sure that you are choosing a career that you have a passion for. That passion will help to inspire you as you return to work each day. When your passion and career goals meet, you can make great things happen for yourself and the world.

Working for yourself is a big dream, and you have the ability to make it happen. Start with small goals and take your transition as slowly as you need. There is no hurry to finish, but you should take steps to get started as soon as you can.

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