How to Create a More Robust Health Benefits Package

As an employer, you are constantly looking for new employees that will greatly benefit your team. Not only do you want to hire great new employees, but you also want to retain these employees long-term. 

One way you can reduce employee turnover is by having a more robust health benefits package. 

Create Wellness Programs

Besides just offering great benefits for health care and insurance, you should also show your employees that you care about their health even in the workplace. You can do this by creating wellness programs and initiatives in the workplace. For example, you can set aside times to stretch or walk during work hours

Encouraging physical activity throughout the day not only improves overall health but also improves employees’ productivity and moods. If you don’t have any wellness programs put in place at your office yet, you can start them today and be a good example of prioritizing health more at the workplace. Your employees will soon follow suit when they see your example. 

Offer Health Benefits in Retirement

Nearly all great employers offer extensive health benefits while employees are working for them. However, not all employers offer comparable or any health benefits for their employees during retirement. 

Medicare covers many costs of healthcare in retirement, so many employees may not benefit. Many employees, therefore, will be more interested in working for you if you offer retirement health benefits. Offering these types of benefits also shows employees that you truly care about them outside of the workplace and beyond the time they work for you.

Offer a Health Savings Account

A health savings account allows employees to set aside pre-tax money for future health expenses. This isn’t a feature that many employers offer, so it is something that can set you apart from competitors. Employees who are very conscious about their futures and want to save up for any future complications or expenses will greatly appreciate this feature. Even if they don’t have a lot of money to put into a health savings account, any amount will help in the future. 

Because of the nature of many jobs today, employees are not often doing physical labor or exerting themselves much. If left unchecked, a lack of physical exercise can create lasting negative effects on one’s health. Employees are more aware of this now, so they are constantly looking for employers who will prioritize their health both inside and outside of the workplace. 

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