Fear of “harsh discussions” is hampering of the educational process and the professional. 

Can you across this article today that really triggered something that I’ve been observing in various social and academic disciplines. Th growing resistance to have uncomfortable, challenging conversations with new professionals, students, and those who we disagree with. 

Fact: I can disagree with you and still like you

Fact: I don’t have to like you to agree with you

It’s not harsh. It’s realistic and time for us to stop sugar coating discussions because it may make some people uncomfortable. Respectful and engaged dialoges can be uncomfortable, you can make those involved in the process struggle, stretch,  reconsider their actions and their thoughts. The ability to stay in that “uncomfortable moment” is what gives birth to that process. 
But we’ve moved away from the honesty of discussions towards a misaligned interpretation “correctness” that seeks insist that discussions be more like “playing nice” instead of being a process that achieves a common unified outcome. 

To achieve any level of comfort, means you must struggle and get through the discomfort.