How to Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

It is estimated that there are a total of 3.7 billion people with at least one account on a social media platform. Many people use social media to communicate with friends and family. Others use it to check the news and stay up to date on trending topics and the latest information in their fields. You can also use this medium to develop your personal brand. Here are three ways to use social media to do that.

Manage Multiple Platforms

There are several social media websites now, but there are very few that dominate. The top ones include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as LinkedIn and YouTube. According to CertifiedLikes, gaining real followers and likes gives your brand more credibility on social media. There are several ways to accomplish this. Probably the most important is having authenticity. Then, it is about finding your niche. From the social media platforms that dominate, each is in a top spot for a specific reason. If you are a witty person, your personality might shine best on Twitter. If you are a professional, consider growing your following on LinkedIn. Instagram is great for photography-focused content, and YouTube is the platform for videos. Managing multiple platforms is recommended because then you can see where you are having the most success.

Regular Content

Sometimes, people don’t realize how much effort it takes to build a personal brand on social media until they start trying to do it. Once they discover how much work it takes, they stop posting. According to Canny, to gain more followers so that your content has better reach, posting new pictures, videos or articles has to be consistent. Once your followers realize your schedule, they’ll begin to anticipate hearing from you. Consistency also allows you to understand when your followers are online and more likely to share your content.

Make It Unique

According to Edgy, successful content is unique and authentic. Some people have success by summarizing other users’ content, but to fully develop a personal brand on social media, you should aim to be your own person. Something has to set you apart from the crowded online field, especially if you plan to capitalize on your popularity with other opportunities, such as business partnerships and paid advertising.

Thanks to social media, you can build a worldwide personal brand. There is no barrier to entry, and you can maintain it at a relatively low cost.