Our body reacts to the good, the bad and the ugly

When your body responds

In my last few months, the body was a focal part of my posts as it often take the brunt of the wear and tear every day. I talked a lot about ways to cope with the good, the bad and now; the ugly.

Ugly is the one that always gets people at this time of the year; the dreaded ending of a relationship and navigating those changes. Even if you happen to be the one who initiates the change, it doesn’t mean it will be any easier in many cases.

But Instead of spending a lot of time with words this week, I happen to come across this infographic from HeyCrush.com. They do a great narration of the infographic so no need for me to rewrite it for you – instead

What is my body saying?

  1. look at the infographic.
  2. Make a list of which parts strike you as a “hmmm” and “ouch” or a “could I have caused that to someone
  3. Decide which if any make sense for you to explore further
  4. Then head over to HeyCrush.com and check out the actual article “How to get over someone after a breakup?” from April 2017 and see what it says.

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