NTEN’s 18NTC for those working and leading nonprofits

NTEN’s 18NTC for those working and leading nonprofits and ready to expand the boundaries of social media & digital opportunities

For those of you looking to expand your networking and socializing with others in the nonprofit sector with a love and head for social media, data, and communication – you will want to put the annual NTEN ( 18NTC ) sponsored the conference in New Orleans on your calendar for 2018. I attended it last when it was held in Austin (#15NTC).  I can honestly say that it was some of the best minglings of folks I had seen in a while. Strong on women and diversity representation – the diverse and creative blending of the presenters, vendors and top notch attendees really made this the event for the  “limited travel budget” goer one worth advocating.

From #15NTC co-presented workshop

To find out more about the 18NTC conference, visit: https://www.nten.org/ntc/ (#18NTC for those of you who follow your hashtags on twitter).  Now if you can’t wait till then – they have several other tech conferences remaining in 2017 including:

>>> Albuquerque New Mexico in September for the Nonprofit Tech Roundup/Digital Strategy event http://nm.techroundup.org

>>> Portland Oregon in October for the NonProfit Tech Roundup http://or.techroundup.org

Engaged Learning from NTEN

Other ways for you to get involved with NTEN is to visit and sign up for some of its educational programming both online and in-person. They also have a “Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate” program but I haven’t experienced that, so can’t speak much on it but you can read more on it here: https://www.nten.org/education/professional-certificate/.

For a full list of events visit the NTEN Events Calendar  

For those of you curious about NTEN itself – check out its mission and values statements – something they proudly put forward upfront and visible.
This is somewhat why I find these folks so powerful and compelling. They aren’t just tossing together a social media “extravaganza”. Not that there is anything innately wrong with an excuse to have a party – because these folks do know have to have fun. But they really understand the unique way that digital technology partners with health and community services, nonprofit and planning.

You may also want to think about joining the NTEN membership.

Annual membership offers reduced rates on events and the online trainings.  Information on becoming a member can be found here: https://www.nten.org/membership/join/.
Membership rates are affordable. Especially compared to the over priced rates you see from marketing and for-profit organizations. Many of the higher priced ones focus on SEO and “sales-thinking” over social justice and the unique needs of the nonprofit.  The membership rates range from $99 for an individual. They offer a tiered rate system for organizations from $195 to $1000.  Both non-profit and for profit organizations are welcome to become members. Other member benefits are listed on it’s membership page.