More ways to increase your income with Social Media

Never miss an opportunity because of a closed door

Income. Like it or not, it is what keeps our business solvent. The Funding Circle Resource Center just shared an interesting and super user-friendly read on way to increase your income with Social Media. They suggest ways, with minimal outlay, you can see a significant increase. While I think it goes deeper than any simple list can lay out, and what most of the list doesn’t account for is the cost of your time – I think its a great “idea read” to prompt some active engagement with your teams, or yourself on ways to “up” your opportunities.

The 6 step plan they offer is  based on the following points: 
  • Step 1: Goals
  • Step 2: Budget
  • Step 3: Platforms
  • Step 4: Audience
  • Step 5: Creativity
  • Step 6: Analyze
I think the list is a good reminder. I also shared a version from the State of Digital back in 2016, that was equally as simple – but I added a few adaptions you might find interesting as well. You can read my Engage!  post on Thinking behind promotion your digital content  to get an idea.
For the full read of the  article from the Funding Circle, Resource Center visit them here:

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